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BitTorrent is fast, easy, and free. It’s understandable why someone would use it. It’s also copyright infringement that carries severe penalties.

I’ve been working with these cases since they began and have settled hundreds, saving my clients thousands of dollars.

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Whose watching your BitTorrent downloads?

If you've received a letter from your ISP saying that your identity has been subpoenaed in a copyright infingement case, the time to act is now, while you are still anonymous.

My office and been involved in BitTorrent defense cases since they began. I’ve settled hundreds of these cases and have saved my clients thousands of dollars. Many times I’ve been able to do this while maintaining my client’s anonymity.
I aggressively negotiate with the plaintiffs to get the best results for my clients. I don’t charge a fee unless we settle.

The damages for downloading copyrighted material from BitTorrent can easily be several thousand dollars per download, PLUS if found guilty you may have to pay the studio’s legal fees along with your own!

Don’t talk to their lawyers. You deserve someone that understands these cases and who can resolve them as quickly as possible and negotiate a reasonable settlement.
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