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***New Cases***

The hits keep coming.

Malibu Media and their lawyers are as active as ever and there are also a number of cases involving the move “Plastic.” Plastic isn’t an adult film but I never heard of it before these downloading cases started being filed. It stars that one flirtatious footman from Downton Abbey that Thomas kissed and who was dismissed after sleeping with his former employer when she visited Downton, you know the guy. It also stars that dude who was sent to live with the Starks as a boy who then much later turned on them and eventually was taken prisoner by that one psycho who cuts off his penis and brainwashes him into being a lapdog on Game of Thrones.

Plastic has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 3.3/10 after 25 reviews which makes me wonder if the downloaders haven’t already suffered enough.

Of course, a court won’t care if a downloaded movie was any good.

If you’ve been contacted about any of these cases, contact me now, before your information is turned over. I’m just listing those cases filed in the last month or so in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you have a similar demand from a court in another state, I can still help you.

New Jersey:
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