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Punk is dead; long live punk!

John Lyndon shills butter.
Iggy Pop advertises tonic water, car insurance, and Chryslers.
The Sex Pistols are on credit cards.
Rotten Records sues for people downloading DRI and Goatwhore albums.

Note: I’m not saying either DRI or Goatwhore are suing people—that’s an important distinction. They might not care if people download their albums or hope that doing so gets people to their shows or makes them buy merchandise. Really, I can’t imagine that Goatwhore is ripping up the top of the pops.

The company, Rotten Records, is suing downloaders of DRI’s Definition and Goatwhore’s The Eclipse of Ages Into Black.

You know, I get it. Iggy Pop and The Sex Pistols can make more money with an endorsement deal than they can by touring nonstop, and both deserve compensation for all they’ve contributed.

Also, smaller companies like Rotten Records aren’t selling millions of albums. They see downloading as theft, and want it to stop. Although that one person downloading one album probably didn’t do them any great harm, they think that for every one person they catch, thousands are undetected, so they think they’re justified in extracting a huge amount from the one person they caught.

So, on a scale from most punk to least punk we have: selling cars, selling butter (people need to drive to the store to get butter, right?), selling car insurance, credit card branding, and then . . . way over there is suing fans for downloading.

Ugh, I’m going to listen to Bad Brains.